Monday, February 1, 2010

Touches of Saint Valentine... and there is all you really need. My girlfriend stopped by today and was baffled about trying to decorate for Valentine's Day. I showed her a few things that I had done that anyone can do. I took my cue from Christmas decor and just changed up a few things.

Below is my girl, Mabel. She usually wears a pretty vintage lace dress, but for Valentine's Day, I thought I would spice this little vixen up with one of my favorite leopard print jackets. I think she looks marvelous. My dear friend, Sita at Silver Spoon Scraps made this custom hat for her.

I love how she incorporated the leopard print that I love and one of my favorite t'aime

I changed out my winter reindeer under the large glass cloche and added a vintage inspired Dee Foust "My sweet valentine" figure.

Simple glitter hearts in a vintage silver compote is classy without being fussy

I took out the Christmas candles from the vase and changed them to pink, white, and red

It's still so wintery here in Chicago and my silver tinsel tree still fits in but to make it look less Christmas-y, I just added some red heart ornaments and changed the skirt to a fun zebra print.

Here is that great iron stand I found with an old friend and just added some vintage Valentine images and heart ornaments

Hand painted #14 on burlap in mini frames of pink, white, and red

Leftover pearl Christmas garland in a vintage silver bowl with a few red glitter hearts

So here are just a few touches of Saint Valentine in my house. Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned because there is more to come...

tia & andrea


  1. Everything looks glam and sweet and valentiney! (is that a word?) I ADORE CLOCHE jars I love to decorate with them for the holidays. Stop by my blog sometime. Have great day! LOVE YOUR JEWELRY TOO!

  2. You are so sweet to include my hat in your FAB display! I really love all your touches and I have to say I am loving your coffee filter wreath you made too! I just wish we could have a crafting night boy would the paper and glitter fly! Have a lovely day!

  3. I especially love the tinsel tree... I have really happy memories associated with trees such as this. My grandmother kept hers up all year and decorated it with each holiday as they approached. I love the frames as well!


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