Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project LIfe

Thompson Family Album 2013
I love memory keeping and this year I plan on better job at it. 
This year I am doing Project Life.  This will be my 2nd year scrapbooking this way.  If you dont know what it is,  Project Life is a weekly approach to scrapbooking and documenting everyday life through photos and journaling.  In one word "simplify" the process . You can read about Project Life HERE.
 I have been scrapbooking 15+ years and I have fallen in love with Project Life.  I love caputuring the everyday moments along with big moments in our family lives.   I still like to add a few 12x12 pages in my album along with the photo pages.   
In the future, I plan on sharing my weekly pages with you.  Right now I'm playing a little catch up and will share all of my weekly pages soon.
This post I thought that I would share mainly how I store my cards and supplies for Project Life.  I like to be very organized when I'm working.   I need to be... my room is multi-project necessary.   I craft here, scrapbook here, make jewelry here, and BLOG here.  I love my room and I have made the best of the small space that I have.
The above picture is my desk space.  My dad gave me a pop-up 6 foot table that I work on.   The Cube Storage that is along the back of the desk I picked up at Michael's.  The 2 on the ends of the desk are what I store my Project Life supplies in.  
 What I love most about the cubes they came with dividers in the drawers.  Easy built in organization and the cubbies fit the cards perfectly.
 I store embellishments and stickers in this cube's drawers.  This cube has long drawers perfect for letter stickers.
When I'm working on my desk I can have the drawers pulled out on the ends and work in between the drawers.  I love that everything is organized and I can be more productive while working. 
Project Life page....a work in progress
Thompson 2013 Project Life Title Page
Project Life Seafoam Edition
Amy Tangerine Album
Happy Memory Keeping
Andrea and Tia

Heart Canvas

When I was at Tia's last month,  I made a canvas too with the left over Fabric and Upholstery Tacks that Tia used on her project as seen here
I thought it was a simple take on her project and it was fast to make.   I created it the same as Tia did in her project attaching the fabric to the canvas.  I traced a heart shape on the fabric and pushed the tacks in and viola instant Valentine Art. 
Andrea & Tia

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Heart with Arrow Wreath

As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, Andrea and I thought we should get a jumpstart on a Valentine craft.  I was searching for inspiration online and came across a wreath on Google that was pink sequins and I loved it!  So we decided to try our had at these wreaths and decorate them to meet our individual taste.

heart shaped wreath form
dowel rod
glitter & glue
sequins, tulle, or ribbon

When I was a little girl (see photo below....yep, that's me), I truly thought I was going to grow up to be a Solid Gold Dancer.  I was so fascinated by them!  So I decided to do my wreath in gold sequins.  We found these styrofoam wreath forms at Hobby Lobby.  Using a dowel rod, we poked it through the wreath form in a diagonal as if cupid himself shot right through it.  Then you start wrapping the wreath form in whatever you'd like to cover it with.  My next one will be burlap. Andrea used red tulle for hers.

We've been seeing these glitter tipped feathers all over Pinterest so we decided to add these to the wreath, as well.  Using glittering glue, just paint the tips with the glue and pour your glitter on them.  I used gold and Andrea used red on hers.

Using the standard accordion fold technique, we added lollies to cover up the bottom of the feathers.  Andrea used shredded paper behind her lollie that was left over from our garland project and I used pink paper fringe behind mine.  

We cut out triangles from vintage paper and hot glued them to the tip of the dowel for the arrow's point.  We then used the rest of the feathers (I had to cut mine shorter) as the bottom of the arrow...attaching them with hot glue.

Tia's ode to the groovy Solid Gold Dancers
Andrea's classic red Valentine version

Happy crafting and giddy up!!
tia & andrea

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Genius ornament stoarge!

Ok so this isn't a twojunkchix original idea at all but I have to share it with everyone!!!   I got the idea from pinterest (from mom's party cafe savvy tips) for this ornament storage!!!  It is pure genius and cheap to make one yourself!!! 
I finally got all my trees down this past weekend.  I had pinned the idea months ago and knew I wanted to utilize this idea when I was  packing up and storing my ornaments until next year.  So much easier than sticking them back in the cardboard plastic tray that they originally came in. 
This is what you need:
cardboard or foam core board
plastic drink cups
hot glue gun
glue sticks
 Cut the cardboard box to fit in the tote.  Glue the cups down to the cardboard.   Fill the cups with ornaments.   Then make the next layer of cardboard with cups.  I was able to get 3 layers in my tote and stored 100+ ornaments in one tote.

I love to share anything that makes life easier!

Love Andrea & Tia
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