Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hugs & Kisses.....oh, and cupcakes!

Some of my favorite things.....hugs and kisses and cupcakes! Who wouldn't love that, right? We just had craft night #2 and wanted to share with you some of our yummy creations. Here is the cupcake liner garland that we made to coordinate with our coffee filter garland. I love the layered look. Kind of reminds me of wearing layered jewelry.
Just wanted to throw this picture in because I was thrilled to find pink hot chocolate! Yes.....PINK! How great is that? And the tin is so old school and fabulous! Reminds me of when I was a little girl.

Here is Vicki's cupcake garland and I love how she strung it on her hanging pot rack light above her kitchen island. It looks so cute!

Vicki also did the cutest cupcake wands and I just love how she placed them in a clear glass pitcher filled with flour! Such a cute idea! They look great in her entryway.

I was able to find these adorable leopard print {cause y'all know it's my fav} and pink zebra print cupcake liners. These were so much fun and once incorporated with vintage paper.....so cute!

We all 4 did different heart banners and since I'm all about the hugs and kisses this year, XOXO seemed so appropriate! I hung this one in my kitchen window from jute twine and fun clips.

Vicki made some cute chipboard cupcakes and I had to keep this one for myself and thought it was perfect in one of my vintage floral frogs. Just so ya know....she did these by candlelight cause we had a blackout that day. Great job, Vicki!

I got busy with Photoshop and printed out this cute cupcake on pink leopard print paper and framed it for my display. With the addition of some heart lollipops, it looks good enough to eat.

A vintage inspired XOXO flashcard in a vintage floral frog

Denise and Deanne getting busy on their cupcake garlands and heart banners. I never thought I would be able to have 4 adults and some of my kids in my studio to craft, but it was perfect and so much fun! We can't wait for our St. Patty's Day projects!! Love you girls!

Vicki and me gettin' our craft on!
Love you girl!
tia & andrea


  1. anything with animal print, is love at first sight! I love your whimsical funky cute vintage craft room! DARLING!

  2. What fun! I love that shot of you and your friends crafting away!



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