Sunday, September 30, 2012

HaLLoWeEn in NeUtRaLs

Halloween is one of my most favorite times of the year!  This year, I've decided to decorate in an Edgar Allen Poe-esque feel with lots of black and neutrals.  My craft group is meeting next week to make an Edgar Allen Poe wreath.  Can't wait to post pics.  Here is the wreath that I made inspired by my sweet friend, Pam's wreaths that she makes.  It's just layers of vintage paper rolled up and I added my own special unique touch to it by cutting a skull in half....well, my hubby did that for me and dipping coffee filters in black Rit Dye to fill in.  I am in LOVE with how this turned out!

The wreath now has a spot on my mantle hanging in front of an original window that was in my grandparents house.  Surrounded by vintage silver platters, vintage silver trophies, a retro camera, cloche full of skulls and moss, silhouettes of rats, and other textures, it has a spooky yet understated glam feel to it.  
Peace, love, and Halloween!!


  1. Oh Tia, I love your grouping with the dark wall and your wreath is...I just kept looking at it....awesome! The ghosty banner....fabulous!!
    You should so pin that baby :)

  2. Thanks sweetie! I actually did just pin it. Thank you so much! My friend, Sherry with Glamarella Junk wants to submit it to Martha Stewart's magazine :)


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