Friday, October 12, 2012

Favorite place to visit....

One of my favorite shops is located about 1 hour and half car trip from Huntington, WV.   The store is the Hartwell House located along the Ohio river in Pomeroy, Ohio.    My mother in law took me about a year ago and we visit every few months.   I love to go and see their displays and the eclectic mix of items that fill the store.  The store carries everything from jewelry to home decor and everything in between.    My favorite staple items that they carry are a mixture of initials & monograms and the black and white sayings from Kathy's primitives.    Tia and I both have several of the sayings in our homes.  
Some of these images are from this September and last September.      
Downtown Pomeroy Ohio The Hartwell House is on the corner
Hearts in the hand prints in the concrete out front of the store.
Hartwell House Store front
This is my friend Valerie.   She went with us on this trip to Pomeroy.  I wanted to share this picture and tell the story about a rare scene that we came across along our way.   We stopped at this little stand of pumpkins and mums that was ran based on the "honor system".     We bought several pumpkins and we placed our money in the box that was there on the cart.   :)  
If you ever get the chace to visit Pomeroy stop by visit and shop the Hartwell House.  Say hi to Bobbi and the girls that work there.

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