Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vintage Wooden Stamp Picture Holders

What to do with all of these awesome vintage wooden handle rubber stamps from the 1940's? Yes, they look great in my vintage metal Achilles stamp holder but they don't really serve a purpose for me other than to make it harder to dust around. So here is a fun way of turning these gems into something useful! I started out with this great collection below. And then I used my drill and drilled 2 tiny holes side by side in the tops of the handles. With some fancy wire, I wrapped it around this big Sharpie 1-1/2 times and snipped the ends.

With just a tiny bit of glue in the holes, this is what it looks like

This would be a fun way to display place cards, too. I love using vintage flashcards mixed in with my dear friend Cari's vintage inspired cards. Go check out her shop HERE.

Go Cubbies!!!

tia & andrea

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