Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lovin my new lights

I my new lights in my scrap room!!! I how bright they make my workspace.
I started looking for the lanterns about a month ago and one evening I found these at Pier 1 while shopping with my friend Michelle. I looked down and the light kits were in a basket and lanterns were hanging above them. YAY!!! They were super affordable. Only $3.00 for the each of the lanterns and the light kits were $10 each. I used the true light energy efficiency light bulbs inside the lanterns.

I made the pompoms a few weeks ago using tissue paper and styrofoam balls in my favorite colors and my favorite print. I pink & lime together and what else goes with those colors???? ZEBRA PRINT!!! I hung the tissue balls by pink ribbons. I hung the lamps by the hooks that came in the light kits. I made the curtain that is behind all of them too. I pretend to know how to sew.

I the tissue balls and the lanterns together and hanging above my workspace. I my room too!! It is my creative escape!!! Will share more pictures of that soon!!!!


Andrea & Tia


  1. I think they are super cute, love the curtain too! Kylie wants some for her room, as she says, in "pretty blue" and "big girl pink". Its hard for me to imagine this room before you took it over. A complete overhaul for sure! Luv it!

  2. Geez...you chix speak my language! That's hot! My two fave colors AND some zebra print in there...fabulous!


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