Sunday, December 9, 2012

Village Christmas Tree revamp

My dining room table with the finished trees
The idea got stuck in my head once I saw these little trees at a store in Kentucky that we were shopping at.   I loved them but the price for me was too much to pay.   The ranged from $19-29 each.   I knew I could recreate for much less and I did!!!!!

Supplies needed
*Trees I picked mine up from Walmart in the Christmas village section.  Best prices I found.
The trees are only .75 to $2.00 each one
*Mini Ornaments assorted colors
*Pliers I needed these to pull off the ornament topper
*Foam paint brush
*glitter I used a mix of gold and silver chunky craft glitter
* glue gun and glue sticks

Glue all ornaments on the trees.
Next take the foam brush and modpodge and stipple the glue on the branches in a tapping motion so that the modpodge doesn't clump up.  
Next sprinkle the glitter on the trees.
WARNING  you will have glitter everywhere!!!
Finished trees displayed on my dining room table with a German glass glitter Santa

Trees upclose

I love them and creating them!!!!
Andrea & Tia


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