Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringin' in the New Year TwoJunkChix Style!!

As usual, when Andrea and I get together, we craft.  She came down to Virginia to visit and we made these *unique* garlands that we wanted to share with all of you.  We just love how they turned out!

You are NOT going to believe what they are  made out of!!  We had fun with out Facebook friends trying to guess what medium we used.  We had some great guesses, like fleece, felt, wool, and fabric but we used none of those.  We used something so basic that every household has.......we used paper towels!  To be exact, we used Viva brand paper towels because they feel more like fabric.

Since they are basic white and as much as we love white, Andrea knows how much I love gray, we dyed a bunch of them gray, too.  {We used Rit Dye in Pearl Gray} To get them to dry quickly, my wonderful husband, Brian gave us the idea to dry them in the microwave.  We did this in 30 second intervals.  
Here is how we made "flowers" from the paper towels.  We cut them in half longwise and layered 3 sheets on top of one another.  Then we folded them accordion style, tied the center with jute twine and then started fluffing and fanning them out.  

We purchased garden craft lights because we liked the brown cord as opposed to white or green.  We then tied our paper towel flowers to the light strand.  We wanted to make our lighted garland a bit more fluffy, so we cut strips of paper, strips of paper towel, and accordion folded natural coffee filters and tied them together with jute twine.  We tied them in between the flowers for a fuller effect.

Here I am getting my craft on!  

Here is Andrea getting her craft on!  She is going to share her garland with y'all when she gets back to WV.

Happy Crafting in 2013!!!
tia & andrea


  1. I love how the garland looks! Can't wait to see it!

  2. thanks so much Elizabeth!! We had fun making this one!!!
    xoxo andrea & tia


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