Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let it snow.....

I love snow!!!! We have had a lot of snow here in West Virginia this year so YAY!!!!!!! I don't know if Tia feels the same living in the Chicago area and getting snow all the time but you would never now it by her winter display. She was able to remove a few items from her Christmas Decor and add a couple items and a created a Winter display in her entryway.

Tia's entryway during Christmas

and now for the Winter.....Beautiful!!!

Thanks Andrea! And to answer your question......NO, I'm not enjoying the Chicago area snow, but to look on the brightside, it keeps me in the house so I can play around with displays and decorate til my heart's content!

Snowmen just scream "winter" so here I have put together 3 of my favorite "vintage" little fellows

Glitter reindeer in a huge glass cloche

I love Santa's at Christmas but I still love snowmen all winter long. They are so much fun to decorate with. I have had this guy for years. He always finds a home on the mantle.

My mother-in-law {Tia's mom} bought this snowman for me a few years ago and I think it looks great with the grapevine tree. I love the tree wrapped in white lights. I stuck tin snowflake pics in between the branches of the tree. The picture is a little dark but I wanted to show the lights lit.
{And Andrea, I love this picture! }

This is my fireplace in our living room. I made the Let it Snow banner. I stitched the banner on to jute string, cut out the letters and snowflakes on my cricut and added a little bit of glitter glue around the letters. I added 2 snowflake ornaments that I got on clearance at Marshall's for $1.50. What a steal!!! I was really happy with the way that it turned out!!!!
{And I love your banner, too, Andrea! Great job! Think I might have to get a Cricut, too!}

Closeup of the banner

snowflake ornament..i love these!!!

Let it Snow!!!

Andrea & Tia

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