Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine Pennants

I made these Valentine Pennants last weekend.   I love the mix of papers and items that make up the arrangement. 
You need:
pattern paper
dowel rods
small syrofoam balls
German glass glitter or plain glitter
Red glitter paint
hot glue
Mod podge
other embellishments to add to your pennants
 I used papers that I had purchase a while back at Hobby Lobby and layered them on cardstock for stability.   I cut the shape of the pennants out with scissors.  I just eyeballed it to get the shape.   You can be more precise if you want and use a ruler and measure.  I did use a ruler just for straight edge.    I used hot glue to secure the pennant to the dowel rods.  To the top of the dowels I added a styrofoam ball covered in glitter to give it a more finished look.   I added a few embellishments to the pennants to decorate them up a bit.
The top pennant I free handed a heart with pencil and filled it in with mod podge and glitter.   The bottom I free handed the word love in pencil and went over it with red glitter glue.  

I got this little chalkboard heart at Michaels.  It was already on  the dowel rod.    I wrote Jet'aime on it with chalk. 

This heart was from a project a couple of years and thought it looked good with the others.  I die cut the heart out and stamped love on it. 

This was a paper lollie layered with several different dollies.  I added a chipboard heart in the center. 

In the vase I added some floral foam just hold it all together and so that it wouldn't shift all over.    I added some vintage paper shreds to cover the floral foam.


Andrea & Tia

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