Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paper Valentine Wreath

Will you be our Valentine?
Tia and I made these all-paper wreaths for Valentine's Day when I visited Virginia last month.    We love them and wanted to share how we made them.

 You need lots of Doilies (we used 10 in and 8in)
Large Round Cake Base  (16 in)
Coffee Filters natural and dyed pink and red Coffee filters
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
and a heart or something to decorate the middle of your wreath
 We cut all the doilies in half.
    Tia & I both did a different fold on the doilies when creating the wreath.  The main idea here is to have it rolled in a tube shape and closed on the cut side of the doily so that you can glue that end down to the cake form.  When we started gluing them down it really didn't matter how it was rolled.  We used the 10 inch doilies on the back layer of the wreath.
  TIP:  make all your rolled doilies first before you glue  makes the process go so much faster.       
  Next layers is the natural Coffee filters.   We folded the filters in half and then in half again.   This makes somewhat of a triangle shape.   Attach them with glue at the point of the triangle to form the next layer.
Next is to repeat the first step but now use the 8 inch doilies and attach the rolled doilies to make the 3rd layer.
We used red and pink dyed coffee filters that Tia had from another project to make the 4th layer.
In the Center of the Wreath, we stacked and layered opened crinkled filters and some of the left over doilies to make the center of the wreath.  
We found the vintage metal hearts at a junk store in Va and thought that they made a perfect finish to our wreaths.

Much Love from Twojunkchix!!!
Andrea & Tia

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