Monday, December 12, 2011

Some life lessons...

Well..."they" are at it again. For a long time I stayed away from church. I was struggling with my first son's diabetes diagnosis (which unless you have experienced that, you can't begin to imagine how one would feel) and very angry that in my mind, God put this on us. And another reason I stayed out of church was because of all the hypocrites. Someone very important in my life once told me, "if you go sit in your garage, does that make you a car?". Meaning....just because you go to church every Sunday, does that make you a Christian? I have met so many hypocrites in my life that I can't even count them. They go around preaching scripture, posting it on their Facebook status yet doing things to others that are not very Christian like. And some are using their fan pages to show their fans just how insecure they are. To be such an unGodly person to sink so low as to post about me, making fun of my 2 sons' diabetes and the cause that I work so hard for, is one of the saddest things I've witnessed. Well, I choose not to go down that road again. As the quote below says "Never look down on somebody unless you are helping them up."

I am not a lucky person.....I am a blessed person. I choose not to be a hypocrite. If only the haters would spend more time focusing on their family and their own business instead of being so infatuated with me and what I'm doing, maybe they would be in a better place.




  1. Some people are just mean - not matter how "Godly" they may say they are. I am sorry that you are having to go through this, but there are lots of us out there cheering you and your son and your business on. Screw those tactless and rude people.

  2. Thank you, Sarah. Very well spoken and so true. Honestly, I do not care what is said except when they bring my sons and cause into it. That is the lowest of the low. I just saw your blogs and they are FABULOUS!!! I think I need to do some shopping with you!!

  3. Sooooo sorry your church is not a place of encouragement and uplifting...I just read this post here in NC....I am a "sister" to you as my 17 year old daughter was diagnosed as T1D 12.6.10...we have lived with this over a year now-she is a freshman in college and so far successfully managing her disease ....I CAN NOT imagine having a small child much less 2 with T1D-really!!! As a mom, the emotion that goes with a diagnosis is something only another mom can understand! God Bless you and your family.
    While our situations are different, we are both moms who share the same worries (that will last a lifetime) for our T1D children. I have made a comittment to educate others on T1D (as you know most people have no idea what it is or what it means)-I cry more than my daughter and I whine more than her about how much I "hate" diabetes! I pray for those in your church (and mine) who are not behaving a Jesus taught us to! I pray for myself to have a heart of forgiveness and for me to focus on my own weeknesses! ;) I hope 2012 is a great year for you!
    Need to share with another T1D mom-I'm here!

  4. You are totally right. There are a lot of ppl in the world being a bad example of what it means to be Christ like. Sorry you have had those experiences. There is only one who is perfect and it isn't anyone walking on this planet...By the way, I think God must understand when we are angry with him. My dad a Pastor was so bitter and angry with God when I became terminally ill. We're human, we get to do stuff like be angry with God. :) Praying for your family and for your son. I also pray for others who can be a thorn in my side. It usually

  5. Tia, I am a brand new follower of your blog (love it!) and I know this is an older post. I hope things have turned around for you.

    As for church, I couldn't help but comment on your post. I was raised as a Roman Catholic and as soon as I was old enough I abandoned church for some of the same reasons you mentioned.

    Nearly two years ago I attended a wedding at an
    Episcopalian church. I have attended ever since. I have never felt so welcome anywhere in my life. Our congregation is like a family who truly care for each other. The members and the church are generous within the community and supportive of each other and strangers.

    I am truly blessed to have found this place of peace in my life. It does my heart good to know there are good people in the world and not all Bible thumping hypocrites, judging others in the name of Christ.

    I'm not preaching, I'm just saying!

    Bless you and your son.



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