Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

I was so excited to find this advent calendar that my girl Janae and I made before I moved from Chicago. I couldn't find it last year as it was hidden away in a random box from the move. We had so much fun making these! Boy do I miss our craft nights!

These were so easy to make. We purchased a metal tray from Goodwill and spray painted it black. We used random size and shape containers to make it interesting and covered them in different papers and embellishments. We both used a lot of leopard print since we both love some leopard!! Then we hot glued magnets to the backs of each container and voila....a magnetic advent calendar! You can fill each container with candies or little notes and turn it into a scavenger hunt for your children. The possibilities are endless!!

Happy creating!!!
Tia and Andrea


  1. Popping in to say hello Tia!:) Its nice to see you posting...Ive missed you.
    I hope everything is going well as we gear up for yet another Christmas. Can you believe its here already?!

  2. So good to hear from you!!! I've missed chatting with you. How have you been? I have a million projects and decor ideas I want to experiment with so I'm hoping to get the time to post more. I cannot believe this year has gone so quickly!!!! Keep in touch with me!!

  3. Love this!! Stopping by from tatertots & jello.


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