Monday, September 20, 2010

T's and 3's make it personal

I love to decorate my living room with T's and 3's. The T's are for our last name Thompson and the 3's represents the number of members in my family. My husband teases me and tells me that it's because I like terminator so much that I wanted to decorate it with T3 after the last movie, Terminator 3. NOT!!!! I never even saw it. LOL!!!

I think that it makes our space personal and monograms and numbers are everywhere right now.

This is a picture of our mantle and all of the T's and 3's.
This is my mantle decorated with a mix of T's and 3's and other things that I love. I love the eclectic look of the mantel. It makes me smile with all the mixes of textures and colors.

This T and 3 are paper mache letters that I got at Hobby lobby and spray painted them chocolate brown. I think that they were only like 1.99 each.

I love the Giant T made from paper mache. I got it at one of my favorite stores at Easton Town Center in Columbus Ohio. It is called Nest. Very cool store and it is the one of the only family owned stores in Easton.
You can see that I have been in the dollar bin too at Michaels. I had to pick up a T ball.

I LOVE 3 sign!!!!! I wanted this the first time that I saw it at Anthropologie but the original price kept me from getting it. I went back a few months later and it was on clerance for 14.50!!! It was meant for me to get it because it was the only number left. I just recently got the letter print stamps on a camping trip to Ohio. We went to an antiqe mall and I got all the t's that they had. The little 3 ball is from Pier 1.

This little shelf is above my couch. I have a small collection of vintage cameras that I display there along with a few more t's.

I added a vinyl T on this candle holder. I cut it out with my cricut to dress up the glass and make it personal.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. visiting from tatertots & jello - love your mantle! i love using letters & numbers to decorate, and this gives me some great inspiration!


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