Monday, September 20, 2010

Make it personal

Even though I'm not doing a ton of decorating right now because of the move, I always try to find a way to make my space very personal. Here are just a few things I've put up so far. My husband and I have separate closets and I've adorned the doors with oversized wooden letters. No need to drill into your door, because the 3M Command picture hanging strips are one of the best inventions ever! I also added a zinc D that I purchased at my favorite store, Anthropologie a while back and added it to my bar area in the kitchen. I love how the zinc looks with the galvanized metal tiered stand. Andrea has an awesome #3 metal sign from Anthropologie on her mantle that I hope she posts real soon. I just love it! It represents her family of 3 and it looks great!
As much as I L♥VE my Anthropologie bedding, they just didn't have any decorative pillows that looked quite right with it. So I had my very talented friend make these yummy burlap pillows for our bed. Go check out her other awesome goodies HERE. And tell her Tia sent ya! She has done a lot of custom stuff for me and I've always been so pleased.

So I was in Michael's the other day waiting in line when I spotted these ceramic balls in the dollar bin. They only had 4 left. When I looked at them, they had a T (for Tia), B (for my husband Brian and boys Bryson, Brett, and Blake), P (for my girls Piper and Paige), and a D (for our last name). I thought it was meant to be and they soon became mine! Still not quite sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but I thought they were so cute since I'm doing a lot of black, cream, and gray in this house. And just another way to add a personal touch to the home!!
So thanks for stopping by and stay tuned.....more to come!!


  1. So cute!! I asked for that anthro bedding for my birthday. I love it with the burlap!!

    I hope the move went well and you are getting settled in :)


  2. Thanks, Jen. They have it in other yummy colors now! It is unbelievably soft and cozy! We just love it! The move has gone well. Really lovin' the house and it's beautiful here. I love decorating again! Talk to you soon, girl!! hugs to you! tia

  3. I love the letters and the metal stand and the Mr. & Mrs. pillows....I gotta see about getting me some of those...


  4. P.s. Everytime I come here, your blog banner makes me smile from ear to ear!!! :D

  5. Thanks so much, Kelly! Yes, give her a shout out. You will love them!!! I love that picture on the blog, too! Too much fun!!


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