Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Glass Vase Revamp

I have always said, "Don't bring me flowers to my funeral....bring them to me now while I can enjoy them." Well, apparently that has caught on because I get the most beautiful flowers from my hubby. But what's not so pretty are the plain glass vases the flowers come in. So I decided to take this plain vase from my Mother's Day flowers and dress it up a bit. {No, these weren't my Mother's Day flowers...these were some random white roses for no occasion :)} With a bit of hot glue and a roll of jute twine, I just kept wrapping it around the vase and gluing it in place.

The top seemed like it was missing something so I added some fluffy cream crepe fringe. My dear friend, Sarah back home sent me this gorgeous Fleur de lis chandelier crystal that I thought would be the perfect thing to dress it up! Thank you, Sarah. I love it! And I love the burlap chandelier canvas you sent me, too. ♥

tia & andrea


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