Thursday, June 10, 2010

Galvanized Planter Redo

If it's silver and galvanized, chances are, I'm gonna buy it. Here is my favorite planter from Anthropologie I got after having my 5th child. I love the metal #7 tag because it represents our family. It has found its home in my kitchen window filled with hydrangeas from my yard. I can't wait for the new blooms! I had been meaning to go back to Anthropologie to get more planters until I was in TJ Maxx the other day and spotted these for only $3.99! Not exactly the same, but close enough. So of course I had to get the #5 and #7. This one holds some of my yummy vintage ledger paper from the 1800's.
As much as I hate to cover up anything galvanized, I saw something similar in a magazine and so I became inspired. I just covered this planter with a bunch of old magazine pages. With just a few folds....well more than a few....and some hot glue, I think this is the perfect container for my studio to house all of my vintage flash cards.

tia & andrea

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