Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chalkbord Canvas

I ♥ this spray paint. Just spray a couple of coats on anything and voila you have a Chalkboard surface!!!
Over the past couple of weeks I have been cleaning out my scrapbook/craft room and reorganizing it. What a job but it looks great. I will share pictures soon. As I was going through things, I came across a 2 pack of inexpensive canvas from Michaels that I had bought several months ago. They may have cost $5.00 at the most. I sprayed a few coats of the paint on the canvas and the plain o'canvas was turned into super cute memo chalkboards!!!!

This one is just leaned up on one of the baskets on my Ikea Wall Unit. I wrote love much for Valentines day. It will change to Lucky soon for March :)

This one is in my hall and will have different quotes wrote on it from time to time.
Right now life has been a bit stressful and I need this for a little reminder ;)


  1. LOVE this stuff... makes me want to spray EVERYTHING in my house, even my husband!! :)

  2. Oh neat! I can definitely find use for this type of product. How fun! And China Mommy, I totally laughed out loud at the spraying your husband. Mine's bald... could be fun :)

  3. You too are amazing!! found the blog through pinterest!! I cant wait to browse more!! keep it up!! Check my blog out i just started!


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