Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue Jean ReVamp

Ok, so I know what y'all are thinking? How in the world is she crafting right now while she's getting ready for the big move? I know, I know! But a girls gotta craft when a girls gotta craft. And this craft is one FAB project. This is by my sweet friend and Crimson Clover sidekick, Marisa. Thanks girl for teaching me how to make these. We had so much fun doing this project! I can't wait for her to visit me in VA so we can make some more fabulous goodies! I started out with an old pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans that were a little big on me. {Slightly larger jeans, i.e., go up 1 size, work best for this project}. Decide how short you want your skirt to be and cut off each leg. I guessed a little long. You can always cut it off shorter when you are done. And girls...don't be afraid of the sewing machine because cannot mess up this project.

Me and Marisa working on our skirts

So once you get the legs cut off, you will need to set them aside as they will become the center of your skirt. From here, get out your seam ripper and rip the seams on the cut off jeans {see below}

The legs that you cut off earlier become the center piece of the skirt. Make sense? In order to do this, we cut the leg fabric in half and laid it out flat so the seam was down the middle.

And then you just pin it in place. You will use the other leg for the back of the skirt.

Yes, I do own a sewing machine and no, I don't know how to do anything other than a straight stitch. But this project is so easy and you honestly can't mess it up. Here I am sewing the pieces back together. After you sew the back and front pieces, just cut off the excess fabric and you are done.

Here is Marisa wearing one of her fab skirts and holding the one we just made. This is in raw form. Once it is sewn, you just cut off the excess fabric. And after 1 cycle in the washing maching, you will get these awesome frays.

Here I am holding my finished product! I was so excited that I put it in the washing machine right away!

And Voila!! This skirt is a bunch of groovy cuteness!!
Peace out,
tia & andrea


  1. Hey doll
    these are super cute.
    good job!!!
    hope all is well
    love ya

  2. So cute! The skirt AND you! :)

    Have a great night!

    Silver Lining

  3. Love it! Aren't blue jeans the best?

    Warmly, Michelle

  4. Thanks guys! Yes, blue jeans are the best. This project was so much fun, too! I think I'm gonna have to make another one!

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  6. I love it Tia! Oh and BTW, Ive seen the link/commenter above on a TON of other blogs lately. Spam?

  7. Hey Cute Tia & Andrea, Love the skirt! By the way, I'm making sure all my followers know about my latest giveaway. Hop on over to my blog if you'd like to enter!
    Warmly, Michelle

  8. I have to try this. I need a new skirt and what a great idea!


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