Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tinsel time...

It's that time of year and Janae and I just LOVE to decorate for Christmas. Here is some yummy eye candy and a few fun ideas that I did in my house this year...

I'm in love with flash cards and here are a few Christmas ones that I bought from Go check her out. She is so sweet and you will just love all of her stuff!

My 11 year old son, Bryson helped me come up with this fun idea for our bird cage. A vintage inspired ornament dangles from the top of the cage and it's topped off with a big ole burlap bow and of course, a bird!

I pulled out my soldering iron and took a break from all the custom orders I'm working on right now to make this adorable little soldered glass snowman charm. I thought my mannequin might need a little touch of Christmas bling and I think this is the perfect spot!

More burlap and coffee filters

Janae inspired me to put Epsom salt in a glass container and add these yummy chocolate glitter taper candles. Very simple and elegant...

Here is one of the Christmas wall hangings that Janae and I made last year on one of our craft nights. I hung them on a vintage chip display stand we found at the antique market.

I love the shine and sparkle of vintage glass Christmas ornaments. I even love it when they are chipped. I can only imagine where these lovelies have been and how many Christmases they have seen.

Who wouldn't love a gathering of Tiffany blue boxes, leopard print ribbon, and vintage sheet music?

Janae and I are loving glass cloches. Here are a few that I have scattered around my house:

You can take the girl out of Texas, but ya can't take the Texas out of the girl! Giddy up!!

German glass glitter bird resting in a silver compote under vintage glass

Janae put this French wired tiered display stand together for me for Halloween and I loved her idea of vintage sewing pattern shreds. I changed it up a bit for Christmas and added a silver plate layered with a robin's egg blue plate (thank you, Janae for the gift) and added a few Christmas touches and voila! It's perfect on my kitchen counter!

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