Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ships Wheel Wreath

SS Dowler!!!  I am loving this new wreath I just made for my front door.  I wanted something that represented summer but didn't want it to look like the usual wreaths you see everywhere so I came up with the idea to make one that looked like a ships wheel.  It was so easy to make!
⚓ I purchased a hay wreath at my local craft store but you could use a styrofoam wreath form, too.
⚓ I also purchased wooden finials in the wood craft section.  I got 8 for the outside and 8 for the inside "spokes"

⚓ I gave all the wooden finials a quick spray of my favorite Heirloom white paint

⚓ While the finials were drying, I wrapped the wreath form with some chevron burlap ribbon.  You could also used just plain burlap or fabric to match your decor.  I just secured it with a stick pin and dab of hot glue.
⚓ Using the hot glue gun, I glued the finials around the wreath form in an even fashion.  
⚓ I then used my circle cutter and cut a big circle for the center and backed it on cardboard for stability. Then hot glued it to the center wooden spokes.  
⚓ My friend Amanda with Funkyshique had made me this mini burlap banner with my last name on it so I thought it would be cute to add it to the wreath.  
⚓ Another cute option would be to put a painted wooden anchor in the center of the wreath. 
⚓ Let us know what other options you can think of, too!!

Happy crafting!!
tia & andrea

Monday, June 17, 2013

Front porch flea market style

My mother in law and I went to an awesome outdoor flea market this past Saturday. The flea market is only once a month for the weekend.  It is Ohio in Gallopolis at the Gallia Co fair grounds.     

I picked up some cool finds that I decorated my front porch with.    I like the mix of "junk" that I found at the market.  On the table is a Pepsi crate filled with cool finds.  I added a metal tin tool box that I repurposed into a flower box.  Tia and I bought the cabinet doors back in Jan when I visited her.   I painted it with chalk board paint and thought I looked good behind the crate.   Added a couple mason stars in the Pepsi crate for an Americana fill.  The crate beside the table is an old apple crate.    I love the mix of woods and metal old and new.    Makes me happy!!!!

Happy Junkin!
andrea & tia
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