Thursday, November 26, 2009

Coffee Filters.....who knew?

Who doesn't LOVE coffee? We sure do! And we are loving to decorate with coffee filters. And these coffee filters are so natural and yummy! The possibilities are endless. Our newest coffee filter creation is coffee filter pom poms. They are perfect hanging from lights, door knobs, from the ceiling, or just artfully placed on a pedestal, urn, or bowl. So easy, natural, and elegant. If y'all would like to purchase them, please give us a shout out!

SMALL POM POMS {approximately 24" diameter}.........$10 + shipping

Here is how they evolved:

Natural coffee filters

Styrofoam balls

I used vintage seam binding ribbon to hang them from the chandelier in my studio...

Another idea: Display them on a pedestal on your tabletop!!

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