Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back in the day...

...I used to L♥VE going to my grandmother's house and play with all of her Avon goodies. I think every lady back then was an Avon representative. There was just something that I found so glamorous about it. And their packaging was just as good as their goodies! So I thought I'd share with you one of my random collections. If you are in your 30's, you'll probably remember these. I remember I used to "bathe" in this cupcake perfume. Too bad it didn't actually smell like cupcakes. I had a love for cupcakes as a little girl and still love cupcakes today. It still has the perfume inside!
How funny is this? The #1 Hit record with 2 lipglosses inside. This one was from the late 70's and early 80's.......rock on with your lipgloss!

And how can you forget the Funburger?! Isn't it funny? This one is circa 1977 and still has the lipgloss inside, however, I won't be wearing it. I'm sure it would make a great science project now!

And this one is my all time favorite! The Berry Nice Lipgloss Compact. I remember being a little girl when I got my first one. I went through several of them but have held onto this one. I just L♥VE it.

And we all know that Andrea has a love for owls. She purchased this vintage Avon perfume bottle....not for the perfume but for it's owl cuteness. Isn't is so cute? We think it is circa 1960's to early 70's. Avon had the best packaging!!

Hope you've enjoyed taking a little stroll down memory lane. Avon calling...


tia & andrea

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Celebrating blue and gold style

Here are some pictures from our Cub Scout Pack's Blue and Gold Banquet as promised. I was super pleased with the was that it all looked once together. This year is the 100th anniversary of scouting and we wanted it to look like a birthday party for scouts. I made all the "word sticks" even though they are wands but I didn't think that was a good term for them since they were for boys. LOL!!! I had help with decorating from some of the Moms of our pack and my friends. Thank you all for helping set it all up!!!! ♥ Love you all!!!!! My friend Jessica made the stars that were hung on the wall and I loved how it looked!! My friend Angie snapped this picture of me as we were decorating and I wanted to share it. ☺We are scouting families and we are thrifty so we used some things that the church had already on hand. The tables had ivy bowls with the marbles already on the tables. We switched the flowers that were in them for the wands and added a balloon to the center for the centerpieces.

The boys had a great time at the banquet along with their families.

Had to share this one with you.....he happens to be our favorite Cubscout!!!

Andrea & Tia

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Front Door Redo

Hi y'all! I was getting kind of tired of wreaths and metal door pockets and since I L♥VE banners, vintage papers, burlap, neutrals and German glass glitter, why not put them all together to make this pennant wall hanging. It could really hang anywhere, but I think it has found its home on my front door. First, I cut strips of burlap to approximately 6" wide.

I found these great heavy cardstock pennants at Michael's, so I used these as my form. With a touch of hot glue, I attached the burlap strips to the pennant. To make the ruffles, you just fold over the burlap and glue and repeat to make a ruffle.

I didn't really like the backside unfinished like you see below, so I attached a second pennant to cover up all the not so pretty stuff. Plus, it made it more durable and just looks better.

Now to the fun part! Piper and Paige helped me with dressing it up. We used vintage papers from the 1800's from my collection. We then added vintage game pieces to spell out our last name. I knew I'd have a use for these one day. We thought it needed more ruffles, so we added yummy gray {my favorite color} crepe ruffles around the inside. For a little bling, we added a few German glass glitter 5 point stars. We love stars in our family....reminds us of our time in Texas and it represents our 5 kids.
Giddy up!


tia & andrea

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Up to my elbows in blue and gold....

I thought I would share what I have been up to this week.

I have been VERY busy this week getting decorations ready for our Cub Scouts' Blue and Gold Banquet this weekend. I have been cutting & glueing and embossing and tying ribbons to sticks for 3 nights this week while watching the Olympics. GO TEAM USA!!!!! I would call them wands but that doesn't seem appropriate for boys so I am going to call them "word sticks". They are going to be used in the centerpieces on the tables. Each one has a different rank and was cut out in the color of that rank in Cub Scouts. I am super excited how they turned out and I cant wait to see them on the tables on Saturday. I will post pictures after the banquet.

I have some ideas brewing for some Cool Craftiness next week!!!


Andrea & Tia

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Ole Cowgirl L♥VE

Howdy Y'all! As most of you know, my sister-in-law, Andrea is posting with me here on Two Junk Chix and I'm so excited about it as she is one talented gal. I found this picture of me and my brother, Roman {Andrea's husband} and thought it was so cute. My mom had it mounted on a vintage tin tray years ago and it has now found its place in my studio. It looks great next to my "vintage" cowgirl boots that my hubby just bought me and a vintage trunk.

Seeing this tray has sparked some new photo project ideas.....very behind on my photos with now having 5 kids. That's a project in itself! Shew! It seems my scrapbooking days and photo displaying days have suffered because our life is just very hectic. But I have been seeing some really cool ideas that play off of this tray photo of my brother and I. Once I get some completed, I'll post so y'all can see.

No, I don't live in Texas anymore {still wish I did}, but still a Southern cowgirl at heart....always was and always will be. So no matter where I go, I'll always take with me a big ole piece of Southern cowgirl l♥ve!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine for you.....

Happy Valentine's Day from Two Junk Chix!!!

Owl Stamps from Hampton Arts and Copic Markers.....How do I love thee??????
Oh my gosh!!! I love this stamp set because all of the cute owls that it has in it. I added the heart to the owl to use it in this Valentines Card.
In case you didn't know...Copic markers are FANTASTIC!!!!! I just started using them and they are the BEST markers that I have ever used. The colors ares so vibrant and they blend so well.

A few place that carry them are Hobby Lobby, Achievers and Copicmarkers.com.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
Andrea & Tia

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hugs & Kisses.....oh, and cupcakes!

Some of my favorite things.....hugs and kisses and cupcakes! Who wouldn't love that, right? We just had craft night #2 and wanted to share with you some of our yummy creations. Here is the cupcake liner garland that we made to coordinate with our coffee filter garland. I love the layered look. Kind of reminds me of wearing layered jewelry.
Just wanted to throw this picture in because I was thrilled to find pink hot chocolate! Yes.....PINK! How great is that? And the tin is so old school and fabulous! Reminds me of when I was a little girl.

Here is Vicki's cupcake garland and I love how she strung it on her hanging pot rack light above her kitchen island. It looks so cute!

Vicki also did the cutest cupcake wands and I just love how she placed them in a clear glass pitcher filled with flour! Such a cute idea! They look great in her entryway.

I was able to find these adorable leopard print {cause y'all know it's my fav} and pink zebra print cupcake liners. These were so much fun and once incorporated with vintage paper.....so cute!

We all 4 did different heart banners and since I'm all about the hugs and kisses this year, XOXO seemed so appropriate! I hung this one in my kitchen window from jute twine and fun clips.

Vicki made some cute chipboard cupcakes and I had to keep this one for myself and thought it was perfect in one of my vintage floral frogs. Just so ya know....she did these by candlelight cause we had a blackout that day. Great job, Vicki!

I got busy with Photoshop and printed out this cute cupcake on pink leopard print paper and framed it for my display. With the addition of some heart lollipops, it looks good enough to eat.

A vintage inspired XOXO flashcard in a vintage floral frog

Denise and Deanne getting busy on their cupcake garlands and heart banners. I never thought I would be able to have 4 adults and some of my kids in my studio to craft, but it was perfect and so much fun! We can't wait for our St. Patty's Day projects!! Love you girls!

Vicki and me gettin' our craft on!
Love you girl!
tia & andrea

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Scouts!!!!!

Today is the Anniversary for the Boys Scouts of America and is celebrating 100 years!!!!
We are a scouting family and it is a big part of our lives. Scouting is a wonderful organization that teaches boys about citizenship, responsibility, and builds character for life long values all while having fun. My husband and I are Den Leaders and our son is a First Year WEBELO He is in his 4th year of scouting. Michael is the 3rd generation scout in our family. Roman (my Husband) was in boys scouts and I was in girl scouts. Roman and Tia's dad was in scouting as well.

We are proud of of our scout and all of his achievements in scouting.

Support your local scouts!!!!

Andrea & Tia

Crimson Clover Trunk Show & New Burlap Badge

Hi y'all! Crimson Clover is doing a jewelry trunk show this Thursday Feb. 11th from 12-7 at Occasions in Naperville. I hope you all can make it! I'll be launching some of my new pieces.

Here is a cute burlap badge that I just made for myself to wear at my shows. I used a light burlap, vintage paper from the 1800's, vintage seam binding ribbon, and of course a big blingy crown. Hope you all love it as much as I do!

New "cuff" bracelets

Valentine Shadowboxes

New pewter hand stamped wax seal initial charms

More bling shadowboxes

tia & andrea

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bouquet of Love

I made this little arrangement for my kitchen table. I love all the bright colors and it just makes me smile when I see it.

I used a fiesta vase to hold the arrangement. It is one of my favorite fiesta pieces that I have...love lime green!!!

I put a Styrofoam ball down in the face to hold it together. The sequence sprays were reused from Christmas. I had them on top of my barbie tree. I made the flowers from ribbon.

The flowers were a technique that I learned 2 weeks ago from my friend Amy Moore. Check out the tutorial below on how to make the flowers. I attached the flowers using hot glue to wooded skewers that I had already on hand. I added some chipboard die cuts from Basic Grey to the centers of the flowers and plan on reusing them on scrapbook pages after Valentines. I tied some ribbon in bow and added a tag with the saying "love is everything" (i love that)!!! I added the heart plate that I picked up from Target.

Happy Valentine's Day and Crafting!!!!

Andrea & Tia

Ribbon Flowers

My friend Amy Moore taught me how to make these 2 weeks ago at a Stamping up Party that she was demonstrating. I loved them and have made many since!!!! Thanks girl!!!! :) They look harder to make than they really are. I made an arrangement for Valentine's Day and used lots of the ribbon flowers in it. They are super cute on a t-shirt as well.



Button thread or other heavy duty thread


White glue (optional)

Button or other embellishment for flower center


You need to cut a wide width ribbon 10-12 inches long. Thread the needle and knot the thread in one end and double knot it. Start weaving the needle through the ribbon close to the edge on one side of the ribbon keeping the ribbon gathered up on the needle.
When you get to the end of the needle pull the rest of the string through the ribbon and pull together tightly forming your flower. Knot the two ends of the thread together. The flower will look like this.
An optional step that I take is to add a little white glue on the ends of the ribbon so that they don't fray. You can you no fray on the ends but I found that the white glue worked fine.
I spread it on using my finger.
Add an embellishment to the center and your flower is complete. I sewed a pearl button on this flower. I think the pearls are pretty touch to them. I also pinned one on a t-shirt using a safety pin so that I could still throw the t-shirt in the washer after I wore it.


Andrea & Tia

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