Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Color my front door....

I wanted to get something different this Easter for my front door. I kept looking around not really finding anything that I had to have until I saw this egg wreath at Target. It was small but I loved the brightly colored eggs and I knew that I could add something to it and make it bigger and better. I did hear that Target does have bigger egg wreaths but I never did see them at mine. My wreath was only about 10 bucks. Fun little carrot bunch that I got a Pier One. I think it was suppose to be an ornamnet. I think it us super cute!!! I think it was $2-3
I added a grapevine wreath that I spray painted blue. I made a mistake when Paint shopping. I got the blue thinking it was the blue color that was actually the teal color that was in the wreath. Not a problem I popped off 3 of the eggs that were white and I spray painted them too so it all matched.
Problem Solved!!!

Cute little banner that I made. I used some glitter carstock from American crafts in a blue-teal color. I just handcut the triangles for the banner. You need a front and back triangle for each letter if you can see your wreath from the other side like I can on mine. Glue the triangles front and backs on a cord or sting to form the banner. I embellished mine with ribbon trim, alpha stickers and brads. I used hot glue to adhere the banner. The ribbon trim and brads are from Doodlebug. Letter sticks are from American Crafts and are made out of vinyl. I used hot glue and used floral wire to hold it all togehter.

Happy Easter and Crafting!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lucky banner

I had this idea last year to make this wreath for St Patrick's Day and then ran out of time. That is the story of my life running out of time. lol!!! I loved the wreath last year when I saw it it at Target and was super excited when I saw it there this year too!! I ripped it of the wall and ran. Just kidding!!
I was just going to make the banner and add it to the berry wreath until I saw the cute glittery shamrock at Target too so I picked it up to go with the berry wreath. Both were inexpensive. $15.00 for the wreath and $3.00 for the shamrock. Not bad if you ask me!
I made the banner from a piece of cardboard that I hand cut into the banner shape. Covered in burlap secured with hot glue (lots and lots of hot glue). Stamped the word lucky using foam stamps and green ink pad and hot glued that baby on the front of the shamrock.
So glad that I could get it made this year.
Finished wreath on my front door
Another view of the banner!!

Happy Crafting!!


old type

My mother in law picked up this awesome old Underwood typewriter over the past summer and gave it to me. ♥ her and it!!!! Thanks Phyllis!!!
I cleaned it up and got rid of the old dirt that was on it.
It doesn't work anymore but that doesn't matter to me. I added a piece of paper that I stamped the sentence ...we are lucky onto the paper. I used a mini typewriter font stamp set to stamp the words. I think it will be fun to change up the "type" every once and while to say other fun things. I thought that we are lucky was perfect for the month of March.

Be lucky!!!
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