Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer banner wreath

Hello Summer!!!!!  
Well Tia and I have been super busy this spring and I thought it was about time to give some love to our blog.    So here we are last day of May and this was the first Crafty thing that I have done in months.  

I made this wreath using a paper pad that I got at ACMoore that was filled with Summer Printed papers.   I LOVE paper banners and came up with fun Paper banner wreath.   
These are the supplies that I used.
 multiple pattern papers that I cut into 2 x 12 paper strips
a wire wreath form with multiple rings
Glue sticks and gun
Canvas banner
Clear sealing spray

I folded all the papers in half first to make the process fast.  Once all the papers were folded,  I attached the paper to the outer ring first on the wire form until they were going around the length of the form.  I stapled the paper close to the form to hold it in place.  I used the hot glue to glue the papers together once I had them in place.    Then continued until I had all the rows completed.   I cut all the "tales" in the paper once I had them all attached.   I had a few strips left and rolled the paper to make the ring in the center.   I thought it looked more finished. 

The Banner in the center, I used pre cut canvas banners that I got at Michaels.   I hand painted the letters to spell "summer".   I used some string glued the canvas to the string and covered the top edge with a strip of the patterned papers that was left.     
I learned this the hard way.   I hung my wreath up the night I finished it and the humidity in the air rolled the papers and the upper layer rolled over.   I was so bummed to see that the next morning.    Whipped out my glue gun and problem solved!   I glued the backs of the paper to the under layers of papers which helped make it more sturdy.    I added some clear acrylic spray to  add even more support.   It has been on the door for a couple of days now and is fine.  
Here's to happy and fun filled summer!!!
Love Andrea & Tia
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